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The vineyard #1 guild horde

by aconniseur » Tue Dec 22, 2015 3:11 am

The Vineyard

What is The Vineyard, you ask? Please, take my hand and walk with me. Walk with me through The Vineyard. This is a place of creation, of growth, of potential. Look about you, see with your own eyes this fertile landscape that promotes so much life. It all started with a seed. It is incredible to think that so much could come from so little. What began as but a seemingly inconsequential speck upon the ground beneath your feet has since become the dominating feature of the land around it. Feel the soil beneath your feet. This, my friend, is the catalyst for life. Without it, the seed may still grow, but it will find no place to take hold it’s roots, and take hold it’s future. This fertile soil is but a part of the whole; it is just as important as the seed that sprouted the vine, but no more important than the vegetation that has grown from it.

The vines that sprawl across this vineyard are no different than the veins that run through our bodies. These veins carry life throughout the vineyard, providing a path for growth to travel and a place for the fruits of nature’s efforts to grow. Look here upon this vine friend, look here upon this cluster of fruit. See how no two fruits are the same? Each fruit is different, however; one fruit alone is not enough to make a fine wine. It takes hundreds upon hundreds of fruit, their efforts combined together towards the goal of making something entirely new.

What is The Vineyard? Look about you. The Vineyard is a place where individuals gather together with a common goal. Individuals who are not satisfied with anything but perfection and are willing to work together to achieve it. It is for those who will stop at nothing until victory is in their grasp. The Vineyard is a step in the direction towards greatness. Alone, few stand a chance, but when united, the world is ours.

Our Philosophies

-Be the best!
-Don’t hate, congratulate, then educate.
-Nobody should be guildless.
-Carpe Diem
-Even if you only join on an alt, when you’re here, you’re family.
-Every achievement deserves a congratulation.
-Cemel Dosce
-Your friends are our friends.
-Everyone relax, we’re all friends here.
-L'esperienza de questa dolce vita.

The Vineyard

What We Offer

The Vineyard is the longest standing guild on the server with it’s roots travelling all the way back to beta. The Vineyard is also the largest guild and we are growing daily. Every person we recruit is hand selected based on their actions within the game. We recruit the best of the best, and pride ourselves in our ability. Members enjoy many benefits, including, but not limited to:

-Guild bank stocked with items donated by members
-Free tabards for all members (With an awesome design)
-People in every level range to group with
-When necessary, guild funded resist sets
-An entertaining, and intellectually stimulating guild chat
-A progressive ranking system, rewarding activity and participation
-The opportunity to learn from some of the greatest players on the server
-A dedicated core of players willing to help out less progressed members
-Free Wine (Upon Request)
-Success at all facets of life
-Severe weather alerts
-Guild Raids
-Players with experience in every tier of content
-Players with experience with every type of play style
-Organized BG and Arena Events
-Guild Meetings
-Active members: there is always someone online
-Experts on every class ready to give advice
-Congratulations for every achievement
-Access to the Haute Club (Fine dining for the finest)
-Drawing lessons
-Access to our extensive workout center and spa
-Invitations to members only events
-Guild Premades
-Complimentary tastings for each member +1 guest
-One (1) coupon for instant body part growth (At your discretion)
-Ethnically diverse
-Free Pet (Upon Request)
-Friends with benefits
-Friendships that will last a lifetime
-Memories that will live on far after the end of the World of Warcraft
-Members only secrets to longer life
-Health Insurance
-Guild picnics
-Interaction with server celebrities
-Secrets to making a better sandwich
-Potential job opportunities
-Being associated with the most respected guild in the WoW community
-The respect and admiration of your peers
-The respect and admiration of blizzard developers and community managers
-The respect and admiration of potential employers
-The respect and admiration of all the less progressed guilds (Such as goon squad)
-The respect and admiration of Kungen
-The respect and admiration of the arena community
-The respect and admiration of the opposite sex
-The respect and admiration of the President
-The respect and admiration of all political parties
-Lifetime access to google
-More confidence than necessary
-Access a members only “Free Wine a Month” subscription
-More friends than your friends list has room for
-Access to an international community
-Many active pvpers, many of which have seen high warlord
-Guild activities
-A reserved spot on the waiting list for future website membership
-And More

Our Current Raid Schedule

Monday 12:00 am est - Sunday 11:59 pm est

What We Expect From You

As a member of <The Vineyard> you will be expected to strive for greatness. Learning the ins and outs of your class, and other classes is essential. There will be plenty of opportunity to practice and hone your abilities with other members of the guild. You are also expected to play frequently, and be active within the guild. You should have a properly geared character, and be able to make decisions for yourself (Not just follow cookie cutter specs). You are also expected to treat your fellow guild members with respect, and be able to communicate effectively.

Classes in Demand

Balance Druids
Resto Druids
Feral Druids

Marksman Hunters
BM Hunters
Survival Hunters

Arcane Mages
Fire Mages
Frost Mages

Holy Paladins
Retribution Paladins
Protection Paladins

Holy Priests
Discipline Priests
Shadow Priests

Subtlety Rogues
Combat Rogues
Assassination Rogues

Resto Shamans
Elemental Shamans
Enhancement Shamans

Demonology Warlocks
Affliction Warlocks
Destruction Warlocks

Protection Warriors
Arms Warriors
Fury Warriors

Classes listed in BOLD are in high demand.
Classes listed in BOLD and ITALICS are in exceptionally high demand.
Classes listed in BOLD and ITALICS and UNDERLINED are just underlined for effect.
Classes listed WITHOUT Asterisks** are open recruitment for all levels.

<The Vineyard> is looking for lifetime members who will continue to play and raid with us well into future expansions, and future blizzard MMOs.

We are also interested in potential guild mergers with other middle of the pack guilds. In such a scenario, the members interested guild would join <The Vineyard>. From there, every officer from the guild would be given a position of power within <The Vineyard> And the GM would become an officer within the <The Vineyard>.

How to Join
If you are guildless, or interested in leaving your guild to join us, please contact me, or any other member of the guild, for an invite.


I got camped by some noob Alliances while in STV for a quest. I immediately put out a Vine-wide Amber Alert and some pros came and wrecked that girl and her friend. I was able to complete split bone necklaces for the glory of the Horde only because I am a part of The Vineyard.

poplockndrop - goon squad

I was directed to The Vineyard guild by my Amex Black concierge. I was so pleased with her recommendation, i bought her a small columbian house boy.

Jaedan - deja vu

Re: The vineyard #1 guild horde

by Kyther » Wed Dec 23, 2015 1:22 am

I for one welcome our new Vineyard overlords.

Re: The vineyard #1 guild horde

by Talo » Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:12 pm

I just heard about this site and want to join a guild that will let me be casual. I was once in the best guild in vanilla as a priest. I wish to offer my casual assistance with any class you need, I can play them all. It seems you need druids so I'll start with that. Please contact me.

Re: The vineyard #1 guild horde

by Nagrim » Fri Dec 25, 2015 9:35 am

troll is trolling

Re: The vineyard #1 guild horde

by Pottu » Sat Dec 26, 2015 5:49 am


as this seems to be a joke instead of an actual guild, I'm locking the thread.

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