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AFKhaos recruitment

by WarCar » Wed Jan 27, 2016 5:02 pm


AFKhaos wants new members, for now we want 50+ players.
As soon as we start to hit 60 we will change this to 60+ (today 27.01.16, at arround march 2016 this wil be 60+)

For now we need all members. Guild will be cleaned for inactive members.
Raid times is not yet set. The core members are at +1GMT Central Europe
raid times will probably be 1900-2300 | day[s] of week(end) is not set.

Raid Goals: ZF/MC to begin with, then BWL + AQ if our members are [or] get good enough

You need to be able to talk english
Be active (2-3 times a week)
Dont be afraid to speak up, we all co-operate in this guild.

Visit our page to make an application.
Our site is new from january 2016, you have good opportunity in this guild by joining early!

Hope to see you ingame
Regards Warcar the Meatshield

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