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<Final Chapter> EU - PvE Hardcore Guild

by Fluksik » Fri Mar 18, 2016 1:41 pm

Dear Members,

the Final Chapter of our loved Game has started ;)
Its time to progress the whole Vanilla content completely which some of us couldnt see in retail, or for player
which misses the vanilla exp.

Because of that - the new Hardcore PvE Guild
<Final Chapter>
has beed grounded.

We aim to progress the whole Vanilla content by professionell and adult raiding.

To see the whole content, by clearing it professionell but with fun, we are searching the creme de la creme.

Our Requirements are:
18years +
Good, friendly and skilled Personality
Good Class playment // knowledge
PvE exp. or motivation to prepare hisself
motivation to be the best
Time for preparating of the raids, farm W-Buffs or Consums
Attending at least 85% of the raids.

You will get for that:
A cool, friendly, lovefully and skilled Team
A Raidleadership which knows the whole content until 13/15 Naxx (Vanilla)
Funny but professionell raids ;)

Raid dayz will be Sun - Mon - Wed or Mon - Wed- Thur // Time 19-23 or 19:30-24:00

Loot System: WebDkp

Homepage and Voice server are on the way.

For further information notice that thread or whisper ingame Fluksik.

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