<Insurrection> (EU) A New Raiding guild

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<Insurrection> (EU) A New Raiding guild

by Oosgha » Fri Apr 01, 2016 8:54 pm

Are you looking for a friendly, relaxed atmosphere raiding guild, but still want to kill raid bosses?
Then consider Insurrection! We're a newly formed progressive raiding guild looking for some new additions to our raiding team.

Our guild goal is simple, to do any and all raiding content, get phat-lewts and have fun whilst we do so.

We raid from 20:00 to 23:00 server time Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Invites go out at 19:30.

We've currently got all raid content down and clearing it every week, and plan on clearing any future raids in a mature and professional, yet fun manner. Sounds good right!

We are currently only accepting Shaman to our raiding team, all other positions are closed for now, but please, do not hesitate to ask as a new position could open up at any time.
All you have to be is level 60 and be attuned for MC, being attuned for Onyxia is very helpful but not necessary. We will help you with getting your attunement there.

Interested? then please contact either Aceshi, Catnap, Shadowgazer, Imaeneren or myself Ooshga for more details, and I hope to see you in guild soon. Peace!

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