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<From the Ashes> -- International Raiding Guild

PostPosted: Wed Nov 30, 2016 10:16 pm
by Ishanu

TL;DR: <From the Ashes> -- New Horde “Old Nost PvE” guild. GM/Officer core determined by the people. All non-asshat, quality players are welcome. No drama stirring allowed. Casual environment, hardcore raiders. NA/EU combined raid times.

If you’re interested or want further information, feel free to contact myself (Ishanu), Athena, or Actionpigeon on these forums or any other medium. If you’re seriously interested, join our Discord and send me a message:
The intention of this post is to recruit for a new guild forming when the “Old Nostalrius PvE” server is re-released. We are looking to reinvigorate interest for the players who already have established characters on the server, as well as fresh players who want to start in a casual environment with quality raiders.

Some of us will still be rolling on the “Fresh PvP” server, and the end goal is to avoid conflict with those raid times as best as possible. However, none of us want to see the work we put into our PvE characters go to waste, and we are excited about the upcoming release of new content (BWL/ZG) on the server (as opposed to grinding through dungeons and MC for another several months).

<From the Ashes> will be established with the foundation of a few core raiders from the best Horde PvE guilds, most of who also have extensive experience in retail, retail Vanilla, Nostalrius PvP, and other legacy servers. We want to clear the content as efficiently as possible, while not necessarily being hardcore to achieve this goal.

We are aware of intense drama surrounding Horde PvE, especially near the end of the server. All transgressions are in the past -- we’re all adults. Anybody willing to subscribe to our ideology -- a drama free environment motivated by nostalgia and teamwork -- is welcome to join.

Primary Information

Raid Times: Will be finalized when a stronger core is established and we can determine the most convenient times. Likely these revolve around appeasing both NA and EU time zones, such as Friday NA Evening / EU Late Night, Saturday/Sunday NA Morning-Afternoon / EU Afternoon-Evening.

Officers: The entire officer (including the GM position) structure will similarly be established when raiders can come together and decide as one. It will most likely be a small structure (one GM and a few representative officers for administrative purposes). Nobody is guaranteed an officer or GM position, including the founders of the guild.

Loot Distribution: LOOT COUNCIL. There will be no fancy loot systems. Attend raids, perform well, and you will receive loot. There is plenty of time between each content patch for everybody to receive very close to BiS -- the officers will be more than knowledgeable enough to make informed decisions on where loot should be distributed to improve the raid most effectively.

“Raider” Status: If you consistently perform poorly, or if you consistently stir drama within the guild/server/forums, you will be given a warning and then promptly removed. No negotiations, no nonsense.

Again: direct any questions/concerns/interest to Ishanu/Athena/Actionpigeon. Join Discord if you're interested:

Have a nice day.

Re: <From the Ashes> -- International Raiding Guild

PostPosted: Sun Dec 04, 2016 8:38 pm
by Ishanu

We are primarily made up of pre-established characters and will clear all current raid content the first week of release.

Anybody looking to roll a new character on the PvE realm, as long as you fit the qualities we're looking for, we're more than happy to help you gear up and give you a chance when you hit 60. There will presumably be plenty of time to catch up before BWL is released.

Again, for anybody interested, join our Discord and send me a message with any questions/concerns.