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Lf "Powerleveling" Partner

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2016 9:07 pm
by sors
Hello everyone,

sorry if i post in the wrong discussion, but i dont know where to post elsewhere.

Iam looking for a active "powerleveling" partner.
What does "powerleveling" means for me?
=> It means that we group up, play 10+hours a day and try to climb as fast the levelladder as we can -> active questing, monster killing, no useless running around without goal, pvp, making professions and so on.
I just want to get to lvl 60 as fast as possible to enjoy the endgame there. I have some "powerleveling" experience and iam planing to get 1-60 in about 1-2 weeks.

About me and about the plan:
Iam 22/m german
Iam open to alliance AND horde (but slightly pref horde)
Iam open to PvP AND PvE server (but slightly pref PvE, cause to less laggs, earlier content - easier catch up)
Iam open to combo our classes (for example tank+heal)
- Overall i pref Horde - PVE - DDclass, but as i said, iam open to everything, just tell me your plans/thoughts.

Its easy to do a fast post here and sadly i have some bad experience with it, so if you really interested, you should have the time to write me a small email: [email protected] --- title "Nostalrius leveling" or similar.

Greetings and wish everyone a nice day,

PS: Just to make things clear, of course iam not using bots, multiacc, or anything what is forbidden. In fact i didnt even use allowed addons, to hold the game as "natural" as possible and enjoy this gameplay.