I didn't think it could be done but...

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I didn't think it could be done but...

by Tuskz » Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:39 am

You guys did it. The Nost team and this community somehow actually brought back the magic that I felt my first time playing the game. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone who made this possible. The Devs, the GMs, all Nost staff, and the Players. I don't care if you were R14/full raid BiS or lvl 12, every single person participating in this community on both factions was a part of this outstanding community. It wasn't perfect, but it never was then either, and that's what made it awesome. I mean, I'm even going to fucking miss the nonsense house of wax trolling, that's going to happen, I've accepted it. More than ever, today, we came together as a community. Sure there was some PvP and city raiding, but that's what makes this game so much fun. Even on Ally, it felt nice to see so many familiar names charging in en masse into IF, wanting nothing but Magni's blood. In the end, idk who killed who and who wiped where, and idc. Because I've never seen this community more amped up and united than before today, and I don't want to see that die.

Regardless of any flaws, we were the fucking Nostalrius Community. One of, if not the best god damned legacy WoW community ever. We've already started making headlines, and the news just broke today. Ibtimes.com picked up the story, and I'm sure more and more people will know that you all grew a relative leviathan of a playerbase from nothing, based on the will, and desire of players who wanted to re-experience Blizzard's original vision of the game, the one that enthralled us all.

They can shut down the project, and tear us from our characters, but they will never kill Nostalrius.

They can take the servers and smash them, but they will never kill Nostalrius.

As the clock ticks in the final hours of the server's life, let us not abandon it, but embrace it once more as we finish out these finally days together, like the band in the Titanic.

They will never kill Nostalrius, let it live on in your heart as we push for change (I swear to god, if like 3 people can get the Tracer pose changed, 125,000 of us have to be able to do SOMETHING), because...



Re: I didn't think it could be done but...

by Oitake » Thu Apr 07, 2016 12:09 pm

Amen bruddah

I knew what I signed up for when I made a character on Nostalrius, but I never thought I would get such a great experience as I did. Now, it really pains me that it has to go.

I've been begging Blizzard for years for a legacy server, very willing to pay my sub for it. I got redirected to Nostalrius by the community with the idea my rose tinted glasses would be taken off.
I said I didn't want to go the illegal way and rather pay for it.
They said I would only play it for a week so it wasn't worth it.
I went to Nostalrius and loved the heck out of it. It rekindled the flame so much I actually bought another month in retail, but it was utterly disappointing.

Now they are taking down their own game due to its succes. Why else are they focussing on Nost and not on any other vanilla server? Simply because Nost was too succesful.

Blizzard should have been proud of what the Nost team has achieved. They should have taken advantage of it. But nope, let's just take it down and drown the community.

I can't be the only one saying goodbye to the company Blizzard as a whole. I'm so disappointed in their lies and their (lack of) actions lately...

I'm going to miss this place. Farewell Nostalrius. It'll do.
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