why are there so many gankers now?

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Re: why are there so many gankers now?

by Cipherrr » Tue Dec 20, 2016 7:21 pm

It's always been this way if you weren't starting close to when the server started or when the population was low. People have mentioned it, but they get shouted down as being "carebears who can't handle world PvP" despite the fact that being camped by people 40 levels higher across 4 zones isn't 'world pvp' at all.

PvP servers (especially in the private server community) attract that type of player, and unlike live there's 10k people on the server instead of 2k so..... Enjoy that.

You will get to dodge this a LITTLE with the fresh server, but once the fresh server is about 6 months old, it will be just as bad as old PvP is now.


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