Nostalrius PvP/Anathema 1v1 Duel Tournament (Horde + Ally)

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Nostalrius PvP/Anathema 1v1 Duel Tournament (Horde + Ally)

by sheepstickss » Wed Jan 18, 2017 5:46 am

Greetings to all! Sheepstick [H] and Malconi [A] will be hosting a 1v1 Tournament for BOTH Horde and Alliance!

Date: Jan 20th Friday 6 PM EST (Midnight Server Time)

There will be 24 upto 48 player slots depending on player interest. I will be using Challonge as a public tournament tracker for our brackets, as well as a fight order. We will be streaming the tournament so all can watch as players fight to become the best 1v1'er on our server. There will also be a video of the tourney uploaded to youtube for anyone who doesn't catch the event live. On the streams will be high end video, commentators, cookies and hookers.The event will likely last 3 hours. Spectators will not be allowed and must watch from the stream.

From my past experience in previous duel tournaments on this server and others, griefing has been a problem. But we have taken hard steps to prevent this and believe we will have a smooth tournament.

Streamer 1: Malconi
Streamer 2:
Commentator 1:
Commentator 2:


Buy-in and Prize Pool:

There will be an buy in of 30 gold, 100% of which will go into the prize pool.
The prize breakdown will be:
1st: 50%
2nd: 25%
3rd + 4th: 12.5% each


How to register:

You will need to send an ingame mail to either Sheepstick (Horde) or Sheepwand (Alliance)
In the mail you need to include 30 gold, your player name.


I will be hiring a few positions in order to make the viewing experience better. They can be horde or alliance and any level.

A streamer:
Must have a good enough computer to stream on twitch/hitbox at 720p. Minimalistic UI. Click on the participants, and just be a camera for the tournament. You'll need to be able to include the commentators as well.
Pay: 200 gold.

Must have high end pvp knowledge and understand what is going on / why good players do certain things. You just need to commentate on fights you're interested in and the final rounds.
Pay: 300 gold each.
I will be looking to have 2-3 commentators, just provide opinions and explain wtf is happening in fights. Must have a microphone as well obviously.

Contact Sheepstick or Sheepwand in game for this.


Rules and Regulations:

All Players need to be able to speak in english.
Everyone needs to have access to discord (website is fine).
Discord is required because I need to be able to speak to both horde + alliance players, make announcements and organize people.
Everyone must be online before 6:00 PM EST. If you plan on being a little late, you can contact me in game.

Matches will be randomly generated and posted publicly on Challonge. It will be constantly updated as well.
The First round or first 2 rounds (depending on # of participants), will be best of 1. All matches will be direct elimination
Afterwards all rounds and fights will be best of 3 fights.
Do not leave the tournament arena, If you are called up and are not present, it will be a loss. So bring everything you need (pots, talent spec, soul shards).
All fights will be /duels. If you forfeit the duel by being out of the area, you lose. If there is abuse of this, a judge can DQ the abusing player. We are not looking for duels to be won this way on purpose.

In best of 3's, there will be a 2 min break inbetween matches to drink up, buff up, change trinkets. From end of fight to accepting the new duel. If you have long CD's, I suggest to use them strategically.
If a duel is interrupted, it will be restarted. UNLESS there was a clear victor (ruled by a judge).
The upcomming 2 duels will be announced ahead of time so players will have prep time (fully buffed and ready to fight)
It should not take more than 1 min to start the next match. I do not want the tournament to last 5 hours.
If you need to short afk or something, contact a judge. We might work with you (because were fellow human beings), no promises. I have a tournament to run.
No world buffs or non-personal castable buffs. IE no Arcane Intellect on a warlock. No precasted protection pots.
All cooldowns will be allowed in best of 3's.
No cooldowns 30 mins or longer on best of 1's. IE no recklessness or LOH during a best of 1. We will make this extremely known so no one forgets.
We will be lenient on rules, however any abuse will result in losses/DQ's.

Allowed / Unallowed items.

Players will be able to use both engineering and potions. There are some additonal rules for these. But most of Engineering/short-term potions will be allowed

ALLOWED: Pots that give you instant or short term buffs (Major Healing, Mighty Rage Potion, Free action potion, Liminited invuln pot) will be ok.
Also ok are Elemental protection pots (if they are cast after duel starts) since they take up a pot CD. Jungle Remedy (has a CD I believe).

NOT ALLOWED: Pots with buffs >2 mins are not allowed. For example, Elixir of Shadow Power, Winterfall Firewater, Elixir of Mongoose will NOT be allowed. IE Buff pots. Also NOT allowed are Noggenfogger, Poison of Elixir Resistance (no cd I believe), Oil of Immolation. Flasks, Buff pots (+25 agi).

Engineering Items / Other Items not allowed:

  • World Enlarger, Arcane Bomb, Rocket Helm, Mind Control Cap, Discombobulator ray.
  • Additionally no Horned Viking Helmet. IE Super long ~free CC.
  • I am banning from-inventory-use items as well. NO Magic Dust, Large rope net, Flash Bomb, non-hunter/lock pets + minions (ie no battle chicken,explosive sheep, alarmo bot, dog whistle etc). The above also includes many 1 time use quest rewards used from inventory: NO M73 Frag Grenade, wax candle (save it for patchwerk), wail of the Banshee, Crystal of Zin'malor. ETC.
  • No food buffs (scorpid suprise, stam food, mp5 food).
  • No helpful debuffs (Curse of Recklessness, scorpid suprise)

Anything Equippable is allowed unless *specifically by name* mentioned.
Allowed: First Aid Items, grenades, anything equippable (spider belt, skull of impending doom, tidal charm, Barov Peasent Caller), class based items (Mana ruby, healthstone, thistle tea, rogue poisons)

Fight Rules:
Players start 30 yards away from each other.
Do not start before the 3 second timer finishes.
  • Rogues will have guaranteed openings against every class at the start of the duel. No AOE'ing them out of stealth. Start within 10 seconds to avoid time/sap draining shields. Don't sap at the start.
  • Druids will have guaranteed openings (if they wish) as stealth cat form at the start of the duel (except against rogue).
  • Warriors will have guaranteed charge opening against non-stealth classes at the start of the duel. No pulling them into combat before the inital charge. Start 25 yards away.
  • When it is Warrior vs Warrior, both warrs start 5 yards away from each other. They cannot charge until they have engaged in melee combat atleast once.
  • In Rogue vs Rogue, both rogues start un-stealthed ~5-10 yards away and cannot stealth until they are put in combat.
  • Paladins cannot have reckoning stacks from pre-duel.
  • Priests cannot use Mind Control.
Stealth classes may not sit in stealth/vanish for longer than 15 seconds. This rule is loose but please do not push it intentionally. We do not want you waiting in stealth for a cooldown. Keep in mind your opponent knows this timer, and might start aoeing at 10 seconds in.


There will be 2 judges: Sheepstick and my co host Malconi. We will have the final call on everything. Including power to DQ, give a warnings, or change small rules mid tournament. We will strive to be fair and unbiased. Our decisions will be made to create fair environment, as well as speed up the tournament if needed.
If there are rule violations (not time based) but items or cooldowns. Take a screenshot of it (while not facing the ground) and upload it and send the link to a judge. I reccomend finishing the duel first.

If there are any questions / suggestions please feel free to post them below or contact me ingame on Sheepstick (Horde), Sheepwand (Alliance), Malconi (Alliance). I'm on like 10 hours a day and easily reachable.

Re: Nostalrius PvP/Anathema 1v1 Duel Tournament (Horde + All

by sheepstickss » Wed Jan 18, 2017 5:46 am

Q & A

Why allow potions and engineering? Vanilla is inherently unbalanced. Potions and engineering adds an extra degree of options, allowing for some classes to fare much better than without. Making the general rock papers scissors not so clean cut anymore, and moves the odds closer to 50:50 overall. This also lets players use more of their pvp skill, which is what were all here for.

Are you a scam artist? I'm quite certain an organized scam like this would be a permaban. I'm not looking to lose my BWL geared mage for 1.5k gold. I farmed up a bit of gold from old nost, and I am looking to spend my gold to make a cool in-game event.

Why is discord required? I need a way to communicate to all players, both Horde and Alliance. Having a server with all the players would be extremely helpful in making sure the tournament starts off and continues smoothly, while allowing for adaption incase it is needed. It lets all players talk in a general chat, while having the option to listen in on the commentary happening if they are interested. TBH I had never heard of discord on old nost, but nowadays 90% of guilds I know of use discord so most players already have it. If one doesn't want to install it, they can always use the web app.

What's with the rogue/warrior rules? These rules aim to minimize the effect of personal lag, server lag, complete RNG, and most importantly stopping fights from being stealth fests. A stealther will get an opener if he wants to. It might take 15 seconds or 9 minutes of running around in a circle. I'll just help speed the tournament up by giving them the opener 10 seconds in. For warriors, not having the initial charge will be a huge detriment. It is just an effort to make it slightly more fair. For the Rog v Rog or Warr v Warr, this is to remove the complete RNG along with the huge advantage for a Euro with 20 ping vs an American with 175 ping. This rule was also used in Kronos I 's 1v1 tourney and my friends that particiapted said it worked out pretty well.

Re: Nostalrius PvP/Anathema 1v1 Duel Tournament (Horde + All

by Dodgemade » Thu Jan 19, 2017 5:28 pm

Seemed like this could be legit until I read the fight rules. Sad.
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Re: Nostalrius PvP/Anathema 1v1 Duel Tournament (Horde + All

by Psychø » Fri Jan 20, 2017 1:38 am

actually this post is legit until dodgemade soured it.
dodgemade still in these forums, kek. post a face pic or shut the fuck up loser

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