Elysium Sucks 7 Hour Rollback

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Elysium Sucks 7 Hour Rollback

by elysiumsucks » Sat Apr 22, 2017 5:48 pm

Constant problems over 30 days constantly DDOSED into oblivion, server down for hours, NPCs are hostile, missing loot and quest text it's an utter failure this is the final straw when I made a complaint about it they deleted my forum post.

Finished with this server lost hours of effort and rolled back 3 levels, lost all dungeon loot its just not worth it, massive lag spikes hit you unexpectedly oh how I miss you Nostalrius.

The guys managing this server are a bunch of amatures can't you remake Nostalrius in a different country thats immune to this crap other servers like Kronos are still up but then theres hardly anyone on its boring.

Please just do yourself a favour don't waste your time on it it's riddled with bugs it's bound to happen again, no ETA when the server is going to be online total disaster.

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