Blizz Strikes again - WoW legacy shut down (25 July 2017)

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Blizz Strikes again - WoW legacy shut down (25 July 2017)

by wowmad » Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:35 am

World of Warcraft legacy server shut down by cease and desist letter just 5 hours after launch... ... er-launch/

Pirate server WoW: Burning Crusade closed five hours after launch

Blizzard’s watchful eyes watching “pirates” launching old school server WoW vanilla times and the first additions. Launched Friday, the server Flemyst lasted very long. The server providing five thousands of players the opportunity to try WoW Burning Crusade era worked only five hours.

As stated by the Creator Gummy52 (via ArsTechnica) the law firm Blizzard sent an unexpected letter with a demand to stop work, and right to his house on the day of launch the server… shocking him and abruptly breaking off the fruits of four years of work, for which he received nothing.

While the request came unexpectedly quickly, shutting down the server can not be called something new. Blizzard has an extremely negative attitude to the legacy servers, typically citing concerns about piracy. The strange thing is that the selectivity of the closing of servers. If Flemyst and Nostalrius was closed, the other servers Gummy52 continue to work. Even the server Elysium, which Nostalrius team stopped in January, is still active.

Lust for legacy servers World of Warcraft — not news and not a secret. Blizzard even negotiated with Nostalrius, blowing hope in the official legacy server. Unfortunately, nothing is over the history. ... er-launch/
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Re: Blizz Strikes again - WoW legacy shut down (25 July 2017

by Malga » Tue Jul 25, 2017 3:10 pm

I don't care about Felmist... I play on Elysium :D

9k people :lol: good scripts :mrgreen:
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