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WoW:Classic Community/Guild

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2017 2:26 am
by Bacon
Original post :

I would like to begin with the simple statement, that I know this is EXTREMELY early. I am aware that we are many moons away from seeing this experience launch. However, as the saying goes, its better to be early than late.

A couple of buddies and I are huge fans of both 2005 World of Warcraft and current World of Warcraft. I've never been as excited to hear the news of blizzard's choice to make these servers. Before I continue, I would personally like to thank blizzard for deciding to do this.

I am personally looking to form a guild/community on the new realms, I am wanting to form a top end raiding guild composed of some of the best players I can find. You may judge me for starting this right after a single announcement from blizzard. However, I believe starting recruitment now could aid us massively in the long run.

The goal is simple; to push content to a level of a higher level. Ideally us to be recognized as a higher end guild on the server.

What do I want from you? Dedication. That's it.
I do not expect you to be a vanilla "veteran" or a top end retail raider. At this point I am looking for anyone interested in having some fun in the past of warcraft. I would like to have enough people to fill two entire raid teams prior to the server launch, allowing us to bring the best people available.
Experience is an asset, but i all comes down to dedication.

Please note even if you're not interested directly in the guild, you're welcome to discuss all things the new server on our discord

Faction : TBD (Based on info in the future based on Alliance Racials)
Raid days : TBD (I will still be raiding on Legion/BFA servers, looking at 2/3 days Fri/Sat/Sun?)
Raid times : TBD (Most likely starting around 9EST)
Website : Coming soon
Guild name : TBD

Are you guys EU or NA based? We are NA based.

I urge anyone, regardless of if you are interested in joining or currently contemplating playing on the vanilla server to join our discord.

Past raid leaders/officers please contact me on discord privately.

Discord :