NIKO looking for people to level/rank with

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NIKO looking for people to level/rank with

by NikoClassic » Tue Apr 02, 2019 7:55 am

Sup boys!

I'am currently looking for someone as deeply mentally disturbed as I'am and to level with this/these players. We'll powerlevel from day of release, live off of caffeine and in our five day old underwear (showers, hygiene optional), we will pvp and enjoy the content fully while doing so. We shall gank all the idiots. Also I have plans on streaming so you're welcome to tag along.

What I do want/need is a healer that is completely devoted to power leveling and being able to stay online with very little downtime for the first week(s). I will be schedualing days off for this, been really looking forwards to classic release and also beginning to preraid gear and rank -- i invite you to join this!

Give me a pm on forums or add a reply to this thread.

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