Losing hope for legacy servers from Blizzard

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Losing hope for legacy servers from Blizzard

by licondam » Mon Apr 15, 2019 1:25 am

Looking at what is going on right now, it seems to me that Nos Team's meeting with Blizzard was more like a PR show as opposed to sincere willingness to open up legacy servers...

Maybe it is time to really see that Blizzard had no intention to open up legacy servers, at least on the short run when the legion is still working well for them.

Blizzard keep making the excuse that they are too busy. But for the Blizzard, they could always make such argument that they are busy working on some games, either legion or a new expansion, because that is what they do; they constantly make new games and deliver new contents to retail WOW.

It is not never a good excuse to say that they are too busy to work on legacy server; and it is even a worse excuse to say that they are too busy, and have inadequate time to think through the options to open up the legacy server. They did not have time because they are not willing to commit any time to it, and they would rather spend that time on something else.

If they honestly think they should make one, they can at least say that they want to make one in the future, without a precise release date; but what we see is that they do not want to make the slightest promise to the legacy server community.

This seems to me that they are really just stalling...

I hope I am wrong but I really do not think Blizzard is still the company it used to be, especially after they started to be involved in series of corporate transactions, the most recent one being Activision-Blizzard buying back their shares from Vivendi, owing millions of dollars of debts, which potentially made WOD such a bad expansion since Blizzard wanted to push it into the market as soon as possible to collect cash...

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