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Nostalrius Burning Crusade project

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 4:07 pm
by Viper
1. Project overview
1.1 Development
1.2 Organization
2. Description
3. Solution overview

1. Project overview

Based on our experience regarding Legacy Server Emulation, Nostalrius TBC is an emulation project based on the first extension of the biggest MMORPG ever built. The server will be independent from existing servers already released by Nostalrius and will need the corresponding 2.4.3 client in order to log in. Characters already created on our Vanilla PVP & PVE servers will be able to be copied on the TBC realm under condition, not to have a negative impact on the economy, which will be described when the server will be ready to use.


The project will be innovative in multiples aspects.

1.1 Development

The project development will be accessible to anyone. Multiples tools will be provided to the community in order to create/launch/debug a server in a more user-friendly way. Even if the project development is accessible to anyone, some parts may remain the properties of Nostalrius.

For example :
  • Anticheat system,
  • Antibot system,
  • Antispam system,
  • Performance optimization,
  • Timeline scheduling,
  • Dynamic respawn,
  • Work/studies on the Nostalrius Vanilla content,
  • Staff experience vs huge population.

1.2 Organization

the project will be managed using Agile/Scrum methodology, associated with dedicated tools accessible to the teams members. Both development team and ISVV team will be merged into mixed teams. Each of these new teams will be handle with this methodology synchronized with a proxy scrum master. This kind of management will also provide added values regarding communication intern./extern. to the project.

Consequently, this project is designed to handle new kind of challenge, mainly regarding development, ISVV and organization allowing us to handle a much bigger team in a context of constant evolution and very short development cycle. Each teams members will have more responsibilities and the added values of their work will be more representative than our existing project.

Testers i.e external players who want to participate without being part of the IsVV Team will receive tests instructions from the product owner prior to each IsVV Sprint session in order to enhance testing efficiency.

2. Description

Project will be able to handle around 20 developers, 20 IsVV and 800 testers (actual number of active accounts on the Nostalrius bug tracker). Needs are also identified regarding forum (1 developer) & website design (1 developer) plus communication (1 communication) in parallel to the project’s backbone.

Multiples teams will be created with new volunteers apart from existing project not to impact current timeline & teams from Vanilla’s projects.

Capabilities to retrieve data from Burning Crusade extension is much easier than Vanilla, based on web’s archives, videos, magazine & documents. A dedicated forum will be created in order to summarize good practices in the ISVV process.

Main risks for the project are the difficulties to:
  • Being part of a huge team while dealing with GMT issues,
  • Working with volunteers in a development/ISVV process vs autonomy & motivation.

Main opportunities to work on this project is a win-to-win for the communities:
  • It will increase the productivities of the existing projects while shrinking deadline,
  • Offer the opportunities to participate to an open source project while bringing more professionalism regarding management,
  • Offer the opportunities to discover new kind of process if developers are curious about Agile/Scrum process,
  • Offer the opportunities to participate to the complete lifecycle of a whole extension project,
  • Repel the limits of private server project.
  • Share our experience in project management to enhance team member personal curriculum vitae (which already helping 1 developer to get a real job and 2 developers to get “in real life“ professional training for 1 year.)
  • Offer the possibility for everyone to create their own server.

Development will start based on the latest release of Mangos core. As a consequence, migration of all the existing Vanilla content to Burning Crusade will be much easier, allowing nostalgic players only wanting to experience the first extension, to also have access to all the Azeroth & Kalimdor content. All the features properties of Nostalrius will be integrated once the Mangos core will be finished (anticheat, antibot, etc.).

Server will have the same location as all the others servers Nostalrius already uses. Dedicated tools will be provided, allowing anyone to develop & create their own TBC server easily, synchronizing their fix with Nostalrius TBC Core.

In term of schedule objectives, master planning will remain private for now. Objectives regarding ISVV members will be to start existing content analysis beginning of March 2016, driven by a dedicated roadmap regarding content checking.

3. Solution overview

Github will be used for sources versioning.
A custom tool will be used to synchronize database modification.
Up-to-date MySQL version is needed for the database.
Dedicated Tuleap bug tracker will be used to track issues using Agile/Scrum functionnalities.
Nostalrius TBC Vagrant project will be used for user-friendly installation of a ready-to-use development environment.
For AI scripting, 3 options will be available: C++ scripting, database or LUA scripting
For LUA scripting, Nostalrius TBC LuaEngine project will be used.

Each sprint should last for 1 month for development team resulting into an official release, including a bi-hebdo scrum meeting per week to be confirmed (15 minutes maximum),
Communication regarding new release version will be handle on a dedicated section of the existing forum and also on our Twitter account, allowing official/unofficial IsVV members to validate the corresponding release. Slack messaging application will be used for the internal organization of sprint & meeting but will also be public for all TBC oriented needs *only*.

TBC PTR server is already release, check this website to register/connect yourself!

Best regards,

Re: Nostalrius Burning Crusade project

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 4:36 pm
by soundwave123
Beautiful! Thank you to all that make this possible and also for taking time do to this. So many hours of volunteering is what makes this community great! Lets get started testers/devs!

Re: Nostalrius Burning Crusade project

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 4:38 pm
by Noxm
WoW Burning Crusade 2.4.3 (Pre-installed client) :

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Re: Nostalrius Burning Crusade project

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 5:26 pm
by Quickbowjob
around 20 developers, 20 IsVV and 800 testers

Now that is something nice! keep it up ;)

Re: Nostalrius Burning Crusade project

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 7:12 pm
by Basard
Alot of people say dont use Feenix or Hellground clients due to the EXE being coded for their use only. I tryed using another exe that was linked on the other board and get the "Your login interface files are corrupt. Please reinstall the game" error.

Also these downloads don't come with a "Realmlist file" meaning we will also need that file aswell.

Alot of us would be greatful if someone could take 2mins explaining what we must do to resolve this issue before more fall pray to it.

Re: Nostalrius Burning Crusade project

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 9:01 pm
by soundwave123

I am working today but when I get home I intend on finishing my draft of how to install and get up and running with links, pics, and step by step instruction.

Bear with us all, it just got started and we are in for a long ride!


Re: Nostalrius Burning Crusade project

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:23 pm
by Basard
soundwave123 wrote:Basard,

I am working today but when I get home I intend on finishing my draft of how to install and get up and running with links, pics, and step by step instruction.

Bear with us all, it just got started and we are in for a long ride!


Thanks Soundwave, by doing this you'll save alot of people alot of heart ake and despair. +1

Re: Nostalrius Burning Crusade project

PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2016 9:27 pm
by Gemt
I'm sorry if this is explained somewhere, but I cant seem to find any information about how one is supposed to go about getting access to the Slack team. I have spent the better part of today getting the development environment set up and to browse around in the code, but as someone with near no experience with the mangos codebase it would be great to have a place to post questions and discuss various things with people who may know their way around it. I guess one of the ideas behind the slack team is to facilitate that.

Re: Nostalrius Burning Crusade project

PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:56 pm
by G0-T0-2.0

Thats what I was waiting for!!!!

Re: Nostalrius Burning Crusade project

PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 10:43 am
by Xaverius
I do believe I just got a boner.

I do have a few technical questions, if they were answered somewhere else, feel free to redirect me to relevant answer.

What exactly does "Kalimdor and Azeroth content" pertain to? The base form of the world quests on TC is mroe or less the same as Mangos (some bugs originating there as I encountered them both on TBC and on this vanilla).
What about the raids though? Would it be possible to transfer those to TBC once completed here? Because unless somebody at TC took initiative, they should be in a very basic, non-working order.

The second quest tion is about functionality that isn't normally present on TC1 (or at least wasn't when I last devved for a server). This is mainly dynamic respawn timers and random/pool spawns, which were, at least to my knowledge, present only on Oregon (which by the way was recently resurrected and sees contribs from a small, but active number of devs) as far as TBC goes. And I think the former was a problem even there.

Thanks for any answers and cheers