Gold Ads on Public Channels increased b/c of Mass Unbanning

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Gold Ads on Public Channels increased b/c of Mass Unbanning

by Arx_1 » Wed Mar 30, 2016 12:38 pm

Dear Nostalrius,

Following the mass unbanning of accounts that took place in the last few days, XXXGAMES.COM as well as other Chinese Gold Sellers, have started again massively spamming TRADE CHANNEL and WORLD CHANNEL with gold spamming ads.

In one instance, I counted four (4) different toons from apparently four different accounts all advertising XXXGAMES.COM in the space of two (2) minutes on TRADE and WORLD channels. This happened last night around 20:00 hrs Server Time.

I had warned you below...


...that unbanning so-called "COMPROMISED ACCOUNTS" will lead directly to server channels again being massively spammed by XXXGAMES.COM and other Goldsellers.

I had warned you that many of the people who filled in unban requests in the respective forums were the Goldsellers themselves that wanted their accounts back to continue Gold Spamming.

I would like to note here that before the Mass Unbanning of compromised accounts, XXXGAMES.COM had ran out of accounts to spam goldselling ads and they had instead to resort to using bots that sent whispers to thousands of players around the server. Now, you have returned back to XXXGAMES.COM their banned accounts and the server is feeling the impact.


Every single account that spams Goldselling ads was hacked because:

a. Its owner could not be arsed to follow proper account security.

b Or because the account has been compromised following the purchase and use of levelling services such as those sold by XXXGAMES.COM.

Returning accounts back to these persons merely encourages them to continue buying services from XXXGAMES.COM and other goldsellers, as well as restores back to XXXGAMES.COM their hundreds of compromised accounts they can use to run their script bots to spam TRADE & WORLD channels with goldselling ads.

In fact, XXXGAMES.COM has gotten back so many compromised accounts to use for spamming gold ads that I am starting to suspect that someone from the staff is in someway affiliated with them.

P.S.: I have stopped bothering with reporting toons that spam XXXGAMES.COM Gold Selling Ads b/c there is no point and it is a fruitless endeavor. The Goldsellers will create a thread at the Account Issues subforums, post a sob story in broken English, and will promptly have their account returned back to them which they will use to run gold spamming ad bots.

As long as players are not perma banned for gold selling ad spamming there is no point in reporting them.
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Re: Gold Ads on Public Channels increased b/c of Mass Unbann

by Pottu » Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:06 pm

We have banned thousands of accounts. We have unbanned a few hundred. As far as I know, none of the unbanned accounts have been re-used as gold spammers.

The GM team.
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