LF a PvP (Battleground) Focused Guild that is Horde

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LF a PvP (Battleground) Focused Guild that is Horde

by cereal » Mon Dec 12, 2016 3:45 pm

Hello everyone,

my friends and I (5 people in total) are looking for a horde based, PvP oriented guild on the Nostalrius PvE server. Members in our team can speak english, german, french, spanish, portuguese and luxembourgish.

We will be focusing on max. level Battlegrounds and doing what is necessary to be successful at it.

Our PvP experience on retail WoW:
    Player 1 (Warlock): RBG 2400, Arena 2200
    Player 2 (Mage): RBG 2400, Arena 2200
    Player 3 (Flag Carrier Warrior/Druid): RBG 2200, Arena 1750
    Player 4 (Heal Priest): RBG 2000, Arena 1500
    Player 5 (Heal Priest/Shaman): RBG 1900, Arena 1500
Retail WoW armory links will be provided if requested.

We have been keeping an eye on the Elysium and Nostalrius subreddit, aswell as the forums, but haven't had any luck finding a horde PvP oriented guild on the Nost PvE server yet.

If you happen to have seen a guild recruitment thread, matching what we are looking for, we would greatly appreciate it if you link it in the comments for us.


BeyondCereal and Team

EDIT: We are aware that we will have to raid for decent equip and are okay with that.
We were hoping there would be an established PvP guild that also raids, for the needed equip.

Re: LF a PvP (Battleground) Focused Guild that is Horde

by Frapper » Tue Dec 13, 2016 2:15 pm

Hello Cereal,

We at Limited Edition are highly PvP focused and have our own premade running. Of course we are mainly a PvE guild, but at the same time we are the most active PvPers on horde side. Would like to have a chat with you guys.

Raiding with the guild is not a MUST if you only want to join the premade, but if you are under geared and under ranked, you might need to catch up somehow in terms of gear.

You can find us here https://discord.gg/yJjGeNT if you want to chat some more.


Re: LF a PvP (Battleground) Focused Guild that is Horde

by cereal » Wed Dec 14, 2016 4:18 pm

Thanks for contacting me Frapper :)

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