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[H] <Sanctum> North American - Hardcore Raiding Guild

by Trunix » Sat Dec 17, 2016 12:03 am

Now Recruiting

Sanctum is now openly recruiting all classes for the Nostalrius PVE realm.

About Us

Sanctum is formed primarily of members and leadership of both <Deja Vu> and <Goon Squad> from the Nostalrius PVE realm, the rest of our members are friends we have met along the way from various other private server projects that we have played on and new friends such as yourself. The core of the guild has been playing together for over a year and has experienced and been competitive on a number of private servers.

The leadership of <Sanctum> is proven and experienced we have a long history of hardcore raiding dating back to Live Vanilla WoW and have firsthand experience clearing all content up to and including Kel'Thuzad in the original 40m Naxxramas (Along with 95% of the other people playing on this server am I right!?).

Previous Accomplishments

- Server First Ragnaros on Elysium PVP
- Horde First, Server Second Ragnaros on Nostalrius PVE
- Complete domination and denial of World Boss spawns on Nostalrius PVE (Only losing 3 kills the entire life of the PVE server)
- Server 3rd guild to clear all available content on L4G TBC Hellfire Realm
- Many hardcore players who always number among the first max level characters on any fresh server we roll on

What you can expect from us

- Dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable leadership.
- Large guild with a solid community that provides many opportunities for raiding, dungeons and pvp
- Opportunities for skilled new players, We do not play favorites with our members, if you outperform people and earn your place then you will be rewarded accordingly regardless of how long you have been with us. (standard trial period still applies)
- Internationally friendly, we have members from many different countries and timezones, but we do raid during North American times.
- Dedicated and driven playerbase with a unified goal of being the top guild on the server.

What we expect from you

- 90%+ Raid attendance.
- Open Minded and willingness to Improve yourself, be able to take constructive criticism.
- Respectful of players in the guild and on the server. Don't cause drama either internally or externally, you will find we have little patience for that.
- Attend raids on time and ready with full consumables appropriate for your class and ready to focus for the duration of the raid.
- Be ACTIVE, Life happens and we understand that you can't be on 24/7, but we have no interest in raidloggers.

Please contact Mandos, Trunix or Jaedan in-game or drop off an application on our website.


You can also contact us via our Discord server.

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