Warrior most played class?

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Warrior most played class?

by Kieutrang » Mon Sep 02, 2019 1:44 pm

Hello folks,

time and again statistics tell us that warriors are the most played class and its incredidbly difficult to get a raidspot. Some sure struggle to get into a raiding guild as melee normally dont bring much utility, mostly raw damage.
But looking at Realmplayers and searching for only lvl 60s (which actually only matter; who cares about some lvl 33 warrior who gave up because it was too much of a grind?). So there are 8300 warriors, 7700 rogues and - lo and behold - 9300 mages. So arent these statistics kinda dumb to take lowlevel lvl 1 bankaccounts or leveling corpses into account?


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